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Thank you Randy Quaid for those immortal words from Independence Day.



es, I am back. I had some difficulties with the link from my blog to my website. And it has taken me a long time to figure out the problem. My friends and family consider me the ‘go to guy’ for tech help, but I have a confession to make, I’m not an IT professional by anyone’s standards. It wasn’t a major problem just a difficult one to figure out.

When I caught the idea for immersive storytelling I had already developed an outline for VORMUND. By that I mean, I had a beginning and the end to the story. A first sentence and a last sentence. I know it is a peculiar way to write, but it works for me. The story writes itself.

When VORMUND was published I realized I didn’t have an online presence. I never entered the social media craze. So there was no website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. No LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, or Vimeo, I was a ghost.

My Trek into the Social Media Maze

I can imagine how James Dasher’s protagonist Thomas felt when he entered the Glade. Shocked, overwhelmed, terrified, vulnerable, frightened and amazed. When the “greenie” learned there was a Maze beyond the mile-high concrete wall, he was eager to become a Runner, confident he could out run the creatures called the Greivers. The monsters made from metal and flesh created by the W.I.C.K.E.D. organization.

I knew as much about social media as Thomas knew about the Glade. However, I did share his enthusiasm and decided to run right in. It didn’t take long before I ran into the wall. I had no idea what a domain name, web host, content marketing and all the rest of the terminology involved with social media meant.

Creating VORMUND provided me with a working knowledge and familiarity of Adobe programs. I was a member of Creative Cloud so I chose Muse as my design platform for my website. It provided me with a creative freedom I couldn’t find in other platforms. I built three different websites: desktop, tablet and phone.

The next step was creating a WordPress blog. I used a widget to link it with my website. It worked perfect on the tablet and phone, but the desktop version just stopped working. And no matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to work again. By this time, I had mapped my trek into the world of social media. Setting my website problem aside, I found myself at the entrance to the Maze, map in hand.

A few weeks in, I started learning programs and vocabulary. I didn’t feel like a “greenie”. I used my name James Edward M as my domain name, GoDaddy to host my website, and my url is jamesedwardm.com.  Work began on my marketing content. Marketing content is anything and everything you see online: words, sentences, pages, pictures, drawings, movies, videos etc.

During my time in the Maze I joined Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, TumblBookBusinessCardPic3r and Vimeo. Created pages, marketing videos, and accompanying artwork. Visit my website or Facebook to view the videos. I  designed business card size handout.

All this was happening while I was trying to repair the broken link to my blog.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I entered the Social Media Maze. The amount of work that went into publishing VORMUND, creating content, deciding which content is ‘evergreen’ and placing which pages in what networks.

Without a doubt, there was an enormous amount of work, however if you love what you are doing, it really isn’t work is it?

It has been quite the learning experience. I suspect the next book will be a little easier. Here is a list of programs I learned and used:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Muse
  • Media Encoder
  • InCopy
  • Fireworks
  • Bridge
  • Lightroom
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • WordPress
  • Scrivener
  • Hemingway Editor
  • Word
  • iBooks Author
  • cPanel (GoDaddy)

Surviving the Social Media Maze

While I was juggling tasks a new RSS Blog widget was introduced in Muse. I tried on numerous occasions to contact the creator of the first widget without much luck. I deleted the widget and purchased the new one and installed it. Works like a charm. It is very stable and looks really good. So much so, I used it in all versions of my website. I am so happy to have my blog linked to my website. There are two flavors of RSS Blog one with content and the other with snippets. I use the snippets on the phone version, to keep downloads to a minimum, the blog site is just a click away.

Immersive Storytelling Blog

Immersive storytelling is new and not for everyone. However, I do believe that in the future it will become more and more popular. As technology advances so will immersive storytelling. The stories and cinematics will increase in size. At this time I am working on a novella sized story The BookHunter which will be published in the first quarter of 2016. I am currently working on an immersive story to be published in ePub format.

I am so happy to have my Immersive Storytelling blog up and running and I plan on writing about my adventures creating immersive stories. Please check back.

Happy Storytelling

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